Our Arkansas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Benca and Benca attorneysWhether you are seeking an attorney to handle a traffic ticket, a misdemeanor offense, or a serious felony, you need someone who is experienced and who will answer all of your questions and explain to you your legal options. The office of Benca & Benca is staffed with attorneys who all share the same passion for defending individual civil liberties and rights. We believe in working together and frequently collaborate with one another on difficult cases. Our “teamwork” oriented office ensures that whoever your qualified attorney is, the other lawyers in the office will also be familiar with your case and be prepared to assist should the need ever arise.

We promise that your case will always be handled by a qualified attorney, not a paralegal or another member of our office staff. Take some time to read about our attorneys, Patrick Benca, Kara Benca, John Kennedy, and Jessica Duncan Johnston. They can be reached out our office, 501-353-0024. You can also email any of our attorneys at any time with questions.

Due to 2016 changes in Arkansas law we are also able to assist medical marijuana dispensaries with business formation and compliance issues.