Filing a Motion To Suppress Statements in Arkansas Following Miranda Violations

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This is the third post in our series on Miranda rights in Arkansas. Our last post discussed the application of Miranda to special Arkansas populations. Miranda rights arise from the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Article 2, section 8 of the Arkansas Constitution also includes the right against self-incrimination. If you have given statements to police that are damaging to your case then we may be able to challenge the...

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Keeping Incriminating Statements Out Of An Arkansas Court

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This is the next post in our series discussing when the rights of Arkansas residents may have been violated by police. Our last post discussed when a police may search a resident’s home and when a citizen can reasonably expect privacy. This post will discuss when incriminating statements made to police may be suppressed in Court. Police must read Miranda Rights prior to interrogating an Arkansas resident in custody Your Miranda rights are a set...

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