Why Hiring an Attorney Saves Time when Dealing with Traffic Tickets

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Traffic Issues | 0 comments

Traffic tickets are an inconvenience that most people have to deal with at one point or another. Even the best drivers occasionally make a mistake and are pulled over for speeding or running a red light. When this happens, dealing with the ticket can sometimes become a problem; those with jobs and other obligations do not have time to go to the court and handle their ticket. Hiring an attorney is often the easiest and most efficient way to get...

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Understanding the Consequences of Reckless Driving in Arkansas

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Traffic Issues | 0 comments

Many Arkansas drivers incorrectly assume that the punishment for Reckless Driving is to incur a large number of points on their license. While this is partially true (an automatic 8 points will be accumulated for a reckless driving conviction) the punishment goes beyond being administrative in nature. This is the first post in a two part series. Today’s discussion will focus on the consequences of being charged with reckless driving. Our next...

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